Website Design Proposal

Upper Chichester Township Redesign for 2023

This project's goal is to bring a modern look and clean design to the Upper Chichester Township website for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop users. The following sections describe a brief overview of the project scope.

Features and Updates

My designs are optimized for page load speed and use best-practice techniques. Please discuss with department heads any additional features that would benefit the township employees or residents.

Colors and Typography

Update the website fonts and color schemes to match with the township brand.

YouTube Integration

Integrate township YouTube videos on the website and blog posts.

Building Rentals

Add a booking feature for the township buildings. This will allow the user to reserve the township buildings for specified dates.

Tax Collector Page

Create a new page for the township Tax Collector and any of the features requested.

News & Alert Banner

Create a news and alert banner that can be toggled on and off for important announcements. 


Add a Payment button for the Township Payment Portal, add social media icons, run ADA compliance testing, and a home page slider.

Project Pricing

The new township website will be built on my server for stakeholders to review the progress. On completion, the website will be migrated to the townships domain.

Questions and Answers

Find the answers to some of the important questions. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch!

Maintenance Packages

Monthly Pricing

$ 49
Basic monthly maintenance
  • Plugin updates
  • Security updates
  • Resolve issues
$ 499
Basic + Additional maintenance
  • Managed posts and pages
  • SEO / ADA Updates
  • Website updates

$49 / Month

Basic Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance includes plugin and WordPress core file updates. Any incompatibilities between updates will be resolved.

Plugin & Security Updates

Weekly updates to plugins and WordPress core files to reduce any security risks.

Resolve Issues

Updating plugins may lead to conflicts and errors. Any issues due to incompatibility will be resolved.

$499 / Month

Managed Monthly Maintenance

I will handle the posts, layouts, design of any new posts to keep a consistent look and feel to the township website. Each post will be properly formatted for ADA compliance and formatted for proper Search Engine Optimization. If no image or photo media is provided, stock photography will be provided. Any changes or updates to the township website are offered at no additional cost.

Managed Posts

Departments can send copy and images for blog posts and pages. I will properly format and publish the content.

SEO Updates

New posts and pages will be optimized for Search Engine Optimization, meta descriptions, and focus keywords.

ADA Updates

Review new content for ADA compliance and format content to pass an audit.

Website Updates

Any changes to design and content (within reason) are included in the Managed Monthly Maintenance plan.

Thank You!

I appreciate your time and consideration for the 2023 design.

Michael Campagnini