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Interested in a Web Design quote? Great! Here is some quick information.
  • Base rate for a standard website is $2,500.
  • Production time is based off of my current existing projects.
Have a general question about an article or something else?
  • Spam and promotional emails will be deleted with extreme prejudice.
  • Depending on my current workload, I will reply as soon as possible.

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SmugBits specializes in custom websites using the WordPress platform. Not familiar with the amazing powers of WordPress? Read on.
  • Powers nearly 30% of all websites
  • Has a 76% market share for CMS
  • Used by 49% of the top 1M websites
  • Began in 2003, before Facebook & Twitter
  • Open-source software with a $1B economy
  • Translated in over 68 languages

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SmugBits is all about web development and related fields. From web pages to web apps, we are always following the pursuit of learning something new and exciting. Along our adventure, we publish reviews, tutorials, and other bits of information we find along the way.

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