Karate School Case Study for Google UX Certificate

My Role UX Designer, Researcher, Developer

This project is for a local karate school looking to provide online payment options as well as easy access to important information for inquiring students.

What is the project goal?

Going into this project, we know that users are looking for the class schedule, pricing, and dates of upcoming events. I will display tournament results, recent posts and a pinned article on the main page. My goal is to use bright colors and optimal positioning to make it easy to find this information.

Who is the target audience?

My target audience consists of female users between the ages of 25 and 34 with one or more children. The martial arts gym has a large demographic of children and will focus on targeting parents who are looking for activities for their children.

Key Challenges and Constraints

The school has students from several cities and school districts surrounding the location. There is a single class for students between the ages of 5 and 6 and several classes for children 7 years old and up. Based on these statistics, I am identifying the following challenges:


The information on this website should be accessible to everyone. I must ensure that all best practices are being observed to the best of my ability.


Seasonal sports are indirect competitors to martial arts schools. Parents may be unable to bring children to traditional sports and martial arts classes. A comparison of price and value would be beneficial to help parents decide.


There has been an increased amount of Spanish speaking parents looking for information about classes for their children. I must ensure that the information is translated and available.

Research Study

Parents between the ages of 25 and 34 and have one or more children. Our study will focus on creating a strong website structure to let new leads find the information they need to sign up for martial arts classes. Let's meet our persona...

Smiling mature man with arms crossed
You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
Age / Occupation
39, Entrepeneur
Bachelor's Degree
David (7)
  • Wants to find an activity for her child
  • Needs ideas for different types of activities
Personal Story
Claire is a busy entrepeneur with a husband and one child. She is looking to get her son into a new activity but needs ideas. A friend suggested that she look into martial arts. She knows nothing about it and is research karate schools in the area.
  • Claire's son did not like traditional sports activities
  • Sports teams are expensive and time consuming

Journey Map

Claire wants to find out more information about classes for her child. She does not want to commit to a contract since she doesn't know if her child will like the sport. She doesn't know anything about martial arts and is concerned that it will be expensive.

ACTION Search for local karate school Skim the website Review pricing and schedule Find out how to sign up
Task List
  • Search Google
  • View results, including competitors
  • Scroll through the homepage for important information
  • Quickly find the pricing and schedule
  • View the pricing and the schedule
  • Unsure of which class her son would be enrolled in
  • Found that the first month is free
  • Not sure how to sign up
  • Sends an email through the contact form
Feeling Adjective
  • Apprehensive
  • Accomplished
  • Relieved
  • Confused
  • Happy
  • Confused
  • Anxious
Improvement Opportunities Make sure that the sitemap has the pricing and schedule page Have an information hierarchy that places the most important items on top Have a question and answer section about which class would be best for students of a particular age Build a dedicated page on how to enroll with answers to common questions

Design Concepts

Even though the Registration form is available, Claire is unsure how to enroll. I must make sure we do not lose the lead and guide the user through the process.

Goals of the Design Concepts

  • Have the most important and exciting information at the top
  • Easy access to the Pricing, Schedule, and How to enroll
  • Recent news and student accomplishments to show the school success stories
Low Fidelity Mockup for Martial Arts Website

User Testing Results

The usability studies helped drive the dynamic class schedule that shows which classes are appropriate and for which ages. The quick links at the top allow parents to quickly find the schedule, dues, and waiver.

Round 1 User Testing

  • Hero on the homepage differentiates the martial arts school from competitors.
  • Quick links appear at the top, allowing the user to access schedule, pricing, and the waiver.
  • A special offer call-to-action is announced to entice new leads.

Round 2 User Testing

  • Show recent tournament results to demonstrate our successes.
  • Contact page has several methods of communication and links to the schedule, pricing, and FAQ.
  • A dynamic schedule allows the user to click the age of student, highlighting the appropriate classes.
High Fidelity Mockup for Karate School

High Fidelity Designs

This fun design uses colorful gradients on a light background to draw attention to the most important components. A large hero with an isolated image stands as a call-to-action that differentiates this martial arts school from the rest. The most important, lead-generating links are below the hero to give students and parents access to the most important links. Another section shows recent competition successes and related news. The schedule allows users to select the age of their child and the appropriate class times are highlighted. A small question and answer is below the schedule that answers the most common questions. Finally, the contact page has a map, important links, and several contact options. Other tools include online payment, automatic payments, upcoming events, and more. A consistent theme of color, design, and imagery gives this website an interesting look and strong online presence.